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Bath lift: Autolift

The Autolift is a fixed bath lift that lets people safely and easily lifted in and out of the bath. Various configuration possibilities make the Autolift suitable for almost any bathroom.

There are three main parts to an Autolift; a mounting plate which is secured to the floor next to the bath; a mechanically operated lifting column and support arm; and a comfortable, moulded chair.  Available in both electric and manual versions the Autolift can be fixed either to the side or end of the bath.

Key points
Modular setups are possible: Various arms are available so that the Autolift is suitable for almost any bathroom
Quality of materials: By using solid and durable materials, the Autolift is suitable for years to serve in humid environments.
Comfort fot the user: The Autolift is available with various seats and chassis so that bathing can be as pleasant as possible.
Installation instructions Autolift manual
Installation instructions Autolift electric
IFU and PMS Autolift manual
IFU and PMS Autolift electric
Partslist Autlift manual and electric
Brochure Autolift manual and electric