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About Nibotechnics

Nibotechnics is active in 3 differtent sectors:

  • easy2lift: development, design and production of pool and bath lifts
  • blastering and powder coating: treatment of steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • engineering: contributing to an optimal development process for a product

Our assets

The knowledge and experience of our team originates in the development and production of medical equipment. This whole process includes specific activities such as ergonomic designs, the search for efficient electric powered solutions and metal treatment. This versatility is our greatest asset at once.

People from different professional disciplines form a close-knit team. That makes for a great commitment. Together we try to achieve better results and thus amply meet the expectations of our customers.

Our experience

Nibotechnics made a new start in 2012 from the 1988 founded Equite in Medical Products. Thanks to extensive experience in the sector, we guarantee reliable and easy-to-use equipment.

The various activities of Nibotechnics are also offered to third parties. Just think about blasting, powder coating and engineering. The expertise available also ensures the design and manufacture of new mechanical and electronic components.